BlowerDoor Minneapolis

The Minneapolis BlowerDoor Standard

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Minneapolis BlowerDoor  is a modular measuring system. With its measuring range from 19 m³/h to 7,200 m³/h and the possibility to combine several BlowerDoor systems (MultipleFan), there are no limits to its use in Passive Houses, in newly constructed buildings in accordance with the German Energy Savings Regulation (EnEV), and in existing buildings and apartment buildings, as well as in industrial and administrative buildings.

With the pressure gauge DG-700 and the software TECTITE Express included in the package, you can conduct highly accurate automated BlowerDoor tests.

Overview of the most important functions
  • Automatic test sequence
  • Menu-driven input of building data
  • Auto-zeroing of the electronic pressure gauges
  • Automated acquisition and evaluation of the natural pressure differences
  • Leakage tracking at individually defined constant pressure differentials
  • Cruise Control function for one-point tests without a laptop
  • Measurement results and test reports can be displayed on-site on the laptop
  • Individual adjustment of test settings
  • Automatic shutdown when limit pressure is reached